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Hyundai H-1 is the ultimate multipurpose van with various body type configurations. H-1 has a substantial payload capacity. H-1 is an ideal van for Armored Cash-In-Transit conversion. We offer custom modifications to the large area behind the driver's and co-passenger's seat according to the client's interest. In addition to the standard armoring, additional custom modifications as well as customized configurations are also available. Such as changing the color or fitting an extra equipment for auxiliary support or gunport placements etc.

Drive Configuration: RWD.

Fuel Type: Petrol / Diesel.

Seats: 3 (2+1 Standard or According to the client`s interest).

Armoring Protection Level Applicable: B4 / B6.

Preeminent Roof and Floor Armor Plating.

Class-Leading Industrial Standard Armor Plating Service with Addons.

Premium ballistic glass for doors and windshield.

Suspension components are upgraded to compensate for additional weight of the armor.

Run flat Tyres.

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