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Toyota Coaster is a single-deck minibus that provides comfort and versatility and it offers enjoyable and relaxing travel for large groups. It's incredible carrying capacity means that it can accommodate more than 25 passengers. Our armored Toyota Coaster is perfect for transporting passengers securely and safely in hostile environments. Ideal for Private Security Firms and Prisoner transport. And recommended for transporting people in war-torn regions of Africa. Our In-house design proffers a discrete sense into the vehicle so that the vehicle can avoid being targeted and appear as a normal bus. Using lightweight high-strength armor plating enables this low profile appearance.

Engine Model: 4.2 L 6 Cylinder In-Line 12-Valve OHC.

Output: 129 hp @ 3800 rpm of power with 29 kg-m @ 2200 rpm of Torque.

Transmission: 5 Speed Manual Transmission.

Seating Capacity: 26/30.

Armored Protection Level Applicable: B4 or B5 or B6.

Integrated armor plating for low-profile appearance.

Tinted Ballistic-Test Certified Multilayered Polycarbonate Glass for Windshield and Door Windows.

Roof and Floor Armor plating using High-intensity MIG Welding.

Protected fuel tanks, batteries, tailpipe and ECUs.

Protection for Cargo Area.

Heavy-duty hinges with inbuilt door-stop..

Suspension and Brake System upgrades to compensate additional weight of the Armor.

Run Flat Tyres.

Optional Rear Escape Hatch.

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