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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a mid-size 4WD SUV in the Toyota Land Cruiser range. Land Cruiser Prado has unrivaled off-road performance and durability, and that have earned it a rock-solid reputation for reliability. It is an affordable SUV and the armored conversion can be very useful Private Security Firms. Please note that we offer armor solution for any model of the vehicle such as LHD or RHD, 4x2 or 4x4, automatic or manual and Petrol or Diesel.

Engine Type: 2.7L - 4.0L I4 / V6.

Body Type: 3-Door SUV / 5-Door SUV.

Seating Capacity: Max. 7 Persons.

Recommended Armoring Protection Level: B6.

In-house design complemented by High-Strength Lightweight Armor Plating.

For Windshield & Door Windows: Multi-layered Ballistic Glass (OEM Inspired).

Multi-layered Polycarbonate Coating for transparent areas.

Roof and Floor Armor plating by High-intensity MIG Welding.

Reinforced Doors and Pillars with Heavy-duty Hinges: Designed for extended longevity and easy maintenance.

Protection for the Fuel tank, Tailpipe, Radiator, Battery and the Control Module of the Engine (ECM).

Armored bulkhead swing door behind the Land Cruiser`s original rear door with ballistic glass inside.

Suspension and Brake System upgradations to compensate the additional weight of the Armor.

Run Flat Tyres.

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